SC interview

A week ago, I was told that I was not selected into the student council, only making it into the interview round. This morning, I had received news that they were conducting a second round of interviews in the afternoon, which I was once again short-listed.

Why did they do that? that was my first thought.

I simply couldn’t comprehend the logical explanation for this action. By releasing the first round of results, many of us already expressed grave disappointment . Now, you blatantly give us another wonderful surprise FIRST THING in the morning after we had spent hours trying to face reality that we were not chosen(only four was).

I’m not being unappreciative on being given a second chance in this, but is there not a better way to do this? Instead of giving surprises, would it have hurt you to select all 10 councillors at one shot and announced it all together?

(sigh) what were they thinking when they decided to do this…

regardless, I went for the second interview and what can I say? It was not that different from the first interview I participated in…



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