funny math???

so I took my math test a few days back, and honestly it seemed amusing to me. This was because the work returned to me was not that of a student that had not done her revision, but one that had and was extremely humorous.

I had gotten ALL the tougher questions(5-6marks) correct, and all the easier questions(3-4marks) wrong…

The reason was simple: I was careless.

Honestly I couldn’t believe myself when I realized how simple the question was, I thought it was a trick question!! Blame it on me putting my guard down.

Moral of the story guys, if something looks simple, be really super extremely careful. Don’t waste it.


One thought on “funny math???

  1. this happened to me too! Hahaha… I thought it was some sort of a tricky question by my professor coz knowing him, he would never give an easy one so I overanalyzed everything. In the end, I found out that he made that question just to uplift the scores of the students. An easy one indeed. Bad for me.


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