The past 2 weeks

Hey guys sorry for not updating my blog, had a unimaginably hectic week. Seriously, ridiculously hectic. Continuously had tests of an average one test per day for the last two weeks plus student council responsibilities, class performances and an infection.


OH MY GOSH. Sorry, just allow me to focus in on last Thursday. During my first three periods, I was having 3 consecutive tests. If I had to average it out, it would be 3 topics per test for business&management, biology and Chinese. Yes, the burden on my fingers made me want to scream out loud. Well, that’s not all. The entire week was filled with tests, preparation and homework. In school, I was busy with tests and lessons, at home, revision and homework. I’ll never forget this experience, testing my mental capabilities and diligence obviously (haha). Well, it was a very eventful two weeks indeed.

So we had a fitness test last Friday. I partially blame the P.E. teachers for not doing their job before throwing us this test that will determine our P.E. grade for the term. They did NOT hold any P.E. lessons, instead, they used our precious P.E. lessons to complete some stupid particulars form that ALL of us had filled up before entering this school. As such, with SO MUCH PREPARATION, about 60% of the IB1 cohort was ‘dying’ throughout the hellish fitness test. Luckily for me I attended a few trainings at VJC before withdrawing, so I cleared the test with an ‘A’ (yay for me). I admit, it not only tested my physical strength, but also my mental strength to push till the end. How bad it was? Well, there were a few puking, a few gave up and some couldn’t walk after the test. :> Good job, P.E. teachers.
Weird enough, although I had not gotten any muscle cramps from that hellish fitness test, I fell sick. I was diagnosed with Upper respiratory trachea infection. No, it’s not serious, just some really atas name for throat infection. What I was really annoyed about was that I was half deaf and my nose was blocked. Of course the need for clearing of my throat countless times was infuriating, but it didn’t affect my senses that much. Oh gosh, did I mention I have a camp on Thursday? It’s been 4days, I really really hope my illness clears up sometime tomorrow!! Apparently its a physically demanding camp for student councillors, and I really need to heal asap so it does not affect my condition. Then again, I’m looking forward to my first ever student council camp with my fellow batchmates and juniors!!
That’s all from me today. I’m super shagged out, so I’ll be crashing my bed soon for a well-deserved sleep.
P.s Thanks for commenting on my previous blogposts!! I’m really happy there are people out there reading my posts and appreciating them 🙂 It’s also good to know that there’s someone who feels the same way. No matter whether its critique or compliment, I’d still welcome all sorts of feedback, update you guys soon!!

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