Council Camp

a not so organised leadership camp.

From that very sentence, you already know I am slightly disappointed. Having formerly taken part in Outward Bound(OBS) and other leadership camps, I came to this 2D1N camp with a certain degree of expectation. Despite having lots of fun and a few challenges, the organising committee(not the student councillors) seemed to have mistaken this for a bonding camp.

From the start, I was very upset about having to come to school 30minutes earlier and having to wait an hour plus to board a bus that will take us to the port. Furthermore, having us go to Pulau Ubin just to trek, cook lunch, trek back, is ridiculous. Yes, it was opportunity to make more friends and understand ourselves, but the activity lacked clarity in purpose. I would have greatly appreciated it if we were allowed to camp overnight at Pulau Ubin, to test our outdoor adaptability skills. Instead, we went back to Singapore and cycled from the port to East Coast Park(near JUMBO), approximately 2hours for 18km due to a very slow pace. Logistics was badly planned, there was no supply of water for hydration after  cycling and our bags were not delivered to us on time. We had our barbeque at 9pm, relatively late, only sleeping at 11.40pm after a shower.

Although this camp was badly organised, I will admit that I had enjoyed myself thoroughly. Trekking 5km, cooking my own meal outdoors, overtaking other cyclists in 18km to reach the front from the back(literally), setting up camp and barbequing – all in a day’s work. I managed to get a glimpse of the radiating potential of the student council body and I’d say they are unpolished jewels. Even though the instructors were not very clear, we managed to pull through with team effort, patience and tolerance. I am amazed and proud that there was minimal complains and the student councillors have exercised great maturity for 10-15year olds(my juniors). This camp certainly has tested and stretched my patience and tolerance, and I am glad to have attended this camp despite all downs.

Thank you to the 12th HCIS Student Council for making this leadership camp a fun and enjoyable one, giving me the opportunity to know more about this council and work together with you guys. To all the councillors stepping down after this camp, thank you for your efforts. I will never forget this experience and work even harder in all aspects of  responsibilities I have as a student councillor, striving to make school life even more enjoyable and enriching for everyone.

picture 1) 12th Student Council and Boarding Council

picture 2) Group 1



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