HMUN 2016

HMUN is the annual Model United Nations Conference held at HCIS. For HMUN 2016 [14.03.16 – 16.03.16], I officially participated as a writer for United Nations Environmental Programme(UNEP).


Presenting to you HMUN 2016 UNEP council Chair, Vice-Chair, Delegates, note-passer and writer(me). Credits to HMUN 2016 Crew.

writer mode.jpg

Hard at work. credits to Press Team photographers.

New Experience

HMUN 2016 is my first MUN that I have participated in. It was also my first time assuming the role of a writer. As a writer, I was reporting about both the HMUN happenings and the UNEP council. Throughout HMUN 2016, our press team had worked hard and fast to provide the delegates with newsletters summarizing the day’s events. Even before the actual event, writers were called up to do our own research on Individual Council Articles(ICA) that all of us had put in a lot of effort amounting to at least five hours of relentless research and typing away. However, a day before the production we were told that our ICA and several other sections from different issues were cancelled due to the lack in school funds. Despite this major downer, I quickly got over it to focus on the articles at hand. There was little time to waste on pondering over setbacks. In the end, articles written during the HMUN by the Press Team were produced and handed out to all the delegates. This experience has taught me that sometimes things just don’t go as planned(regardless whether its your fault), but we just need to bulk up and keep moving forward.

HMUN 2016 ‘s UNEP

Amazing. They had certainly contributed to the enjoyment and enthusiasm of HMUN 2016 and my first experience of MUN. A comedic and creative council, never failing to incorporate a sort of humour in majority of their proposals. While challenging each other’s proposal and constantly sharpening their public speaking skills, they earned themselves the first runner up for their resolution paper among four other councils. However, to produce such outstanding results required the guidance and support of the Chair and Vice-Chair. After HMUN 2016, I am very sure that UNEP council has grown to adore and love their Chair very much, giving him an outstanding score of 10/10 during the feedback session. The Vice-Chair worked very hard, earning the council’s respect for her committment and efforts. Of course, their favourite pasttime during debate sessions was to make life hard for the notepasser. Our dearest notepasser had the honour of running around the entire council room passing notes consistently, knowing the delegates were doing it on purpose, teasing him.

All in all, UNEP’s council’s greatness knows no boundaries. They have exceeded all expectations I had and even I have grown to adore them. However, all good things come to an end and so did HMUN 2016. But of course, we shared contacts and I believe we will have an opportunity to meet up soon.

Press Team

The first batch of HMUN Press Team. The head and vice-head were very encouraging, sharing similar opinions to ours and constantly edging us to write with even greater insight. This experience has definitely sharpened my writing skills and granted me the opportunity to observe simulations of Model United Nations conference. I thank the school and HMUN 2016 EXCO for granting me this chance to further develop my creative writing skills and get to know more people.

Unexpected event

On day two, the delegate of Malaysia and Norway was absent. During the crisis situation(planned) I sat at the delegate of Malaysia’s seat to receive a better audio of the delegates’ proposals such that I can accurately include them in my article. To my surprise, the Chair had wonderfully called out the delegate of Malaysia (by Chair’s discretion) to speak – me. At then, I could tell he was having fun teasing me and possibly testing my abilities. Regardless, I participated in the debate with whatever knowledge I had prior to the topic at hand and contributed to the council session. It was an opportunity to assume the role of a fellow delegate and a better understanding of how the council session progressed. Of course, after the session was over, I had to rush out my article and expressed my amusement to the Chair.


I personally think the teachers could have put in more effort. They are the teachers-in-charge, meaning they should be the ones to guide the students and manage the funds which were somehow injected into another school event. I express deep displeasure as this affected the Press Team the most, cutting down on our articles and printing a 3-4page newsletter in monochrome is not a trend. I understand that they had many things on their mind, but telling the Press Team the day before that their articles will be cut short and blaming it on our unpolished ability to produce ‘good enough’ articles is something unbecoming of a teacher. Do not expect me to emphasize on what a teacher’s job is.

Not taking the initiative to guide the Press Team till the very last moment is just the tip of the iceberg. I was extremely upset and disappointed when our Chairs were reprimanded for the enthusiasm of the delegates at the closing ceremony(as ridiculous as it sounds…). The actions of the delegates were not the reponsibility of the Chairs, but the teachers of their school instead. Also, the logistics was not consistent, the Chairs ended up having to do extra work that burdened them even more. I am not being unreasonable or reckless when I state this but I honestly feel that even without the teacher-in-charge, HMUN 2016 had a 75% chance of being just as good.

Regardless, we received positive feedback from all the delegates attending HMUN 2016, 95% stating that they would like to attend HMUN 2017. I consider this as a huge success for HMUN 2016.

To our dearest Chairs who got it by the teacher-in-charge unreasonably and somehow finds this post, relax. I’m sure you have the Press Team’s support and love of your council behind you 🙂 good job to everyone, rest well!!

-Hope you guys have enjoyed my blogpost. I also hope that I’ll be able to free up more time to share more of my experiences and challenges faced, thanks for reading!!!!!!!


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