Life is good with food

MYEs just ended a few days ago, and I have realized that during this MYE period yours truly has been going around induging in food to relieve stress after the completion of each paper. I would like to blog about  Thursday’s adventure in particular, with my really really nice friend. Just a teaser: We kept eating for 3hrs. Its story time →

After my biology paper ended, I met up with her at the MRT station and immediately began our adventures around Orchard (Singapore). Our first stop was Sushi Express @ Somerset313, Orchard. The $1.50++/plate was a great deal (in my opinion at least) and the food was absolutely delicious, our stomachs were definitely filled as we ate 9 plates each.

As we walked out of Sushi Express, our eyes and hearts instinctively clicked onto the Tako Yaki stall [Wow Tako]. As you can guess, we feasted on tako yaki next. Its my personal favourite haha I really love the tako (octopus) inside, I always thought it had an interesting texture and addictive taste to it. Munching on our tako balls with cheeky expressions and moe moe aura (thanks to the treat), we made our way up.

In the corner was Candy Empire and their mountains’ worth of godly candy and sweets awaiting our arrival. As we entered the store, my happiness level just shot out of the roof. But, due to the overwhelming amount of candy…we couldn’t decide what to buy and left the store empty-handed – okay I’m actually starting to feel kind of bad haha. Then again, if I had bought anything, I’d probably get diebetes from eating too many sweets. Anyways, thanks Candy Empire for the mood lifting and puritication of souls session.

At this point in time, my friend came up with the idea of going to Tokyo Hands at Orchard Central. Of course I’d agree to that! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to go there??? If you’re an artsy crafty person who loves decorating and such, I’d highly suggest saving up and giving Tokyo Hands a try :> they have another outlet at westgate; they sell brushes, artsy pens, decorative tapes and lots of other stuff – lmao I feel like I’m doing advertising haha. Anyways, back to the adventure: the minute I entered the store with my friend, my eyes were glued to the waterproof stickers that were absolutely adorable. I swear, I did not leave that spot for 20 minutes as I couldn’t decide whether I should buy one and which one to get. After about 40 to 50 minutes, I finally decided on two stickers for my schoolmates.

Feeling a bit tired after all that mental challenge deciding on which design, we went to Maccha House for some drinks…well at least I did. This was our mini break with a Maccha latte and a machha softserve mix. It was great, I’m pretty sure that helped in boosting our spirit to continue on. The thing is, after that we went back to Tokyo Hands again. This time I bought two more stickers for my schoolmates and some materials I needed, so did my friend haha. Satisfied with our buys, we relunctantly left the store…more like we forced ourselves to leave before we emptied our wallets in that store.

Taking a stroll down Orchard road, we walked towards Takashimaya to visit Kinokuniya. I managed to check out some stationaries (and extremely fluffy toys) they had and some artbooks. After that, we took the escalator down to Casta Italia to indulge ourselves in some gelato. Feeling the food coma coming in, I ordered a scoop of some lemon flavoured gelato. True enough, after finishing the gelato I was wide awake and we made our way home. By then, it was already 3+ in the afternoon and that’s when we realized we’ve been sorta eating non-stop since noon. Feeling a tad bit guilty when I reached home, I pulled out my exercise mat and weights after my bath to do some exercise. I don’t think that helped much but what can I say? Life is good with food.

This adventure certainly did relieve some of the post-exam stress accumulated over the weeks and lifted up my mood. I still can’t believe ourselves, eating for 3 hours is quite amazing hahah. Well, I guess once in awhile its okay to indulge ourselves 🙂 Thank you to my dear friend (you know who you are) for listening to my lame jokes throughout the afternoon, dragging me out of Tokyo Hands before I spent every single cent there and keeping me company♥.

Well, that’s the end of my blogpost; I hope this has somehow brought a smile (or hint of amusement) to you. Normally I’d add a few photos to compliment the blogpost but in all honestly, I don’t have any suitable photos to upload; sorry if it seemed more of an essay haha. Nowadays, schoolwork is really piling up and stress is inevitable to everyone so please remember to enjoy yourselves once in a while. Perhaps after a break you’d be able to focus better on the next assignment. Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts of our adventure!!


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