June school holidays started two weeks ago and today, finally, I got to experience paintballing!! (yay) I really wanted to go paintballing since the start of 2016, and I was super excited I actually had problems falling asleep the night before. With a great group of friends, I shoot and got shot. Yes, it hurt. A LOT. Well, it was such a fabulous day I need to blog about it:

Our paintballing session had two rounds, switching bases after the first round. We had two teams, A and B, 6 and 5 respectively. We were distinguish by the colour of the headgear, team A got camouflaged headgear, team B with red and green headgears. During the first round, we(team B) were kind of lost. Well, at least I was. It actually took me about 10 minutes to realise that my friend and I were hiding behind an obstacle that was meant for one only. We even friendly fired our own teammate – I’m sorry I wasn’t looking at the colour of the headgear. Despite the not-very-useful obstacle we were hiding behind, I managed to sneak in a few shots.  Eventually, I got distracted while talking to my friend and didn’t realise that my left wasn’t covered anymore – cos my teammate retreated. Well, I got shot twice. Both shots were on my left and oh my gosh it was an instant blueblack, I didn’t even need to look to know. When I was walking back to re-spawn, someone actually shot me at my kuckle and now its just red. When the first round ended, I decided to go on sniper mode.


During the second round, I camped at the team base and shot from there. We were given the mission to steal 2 out of 3 monkeys(styrofoam) but my team obviously ignored the mission and focused on shooting  team A instead. I think I did a pretty good job. From that position, I was able to land a shot on all 6 members of the opposing team at least once. I think my accuracy was quite there until I had to use my friend’s marker(the gun). Well, that friend had a very tragic and funny happening. He ran out of our base only to get targeted by the opposing team(their whole team) and shot. In addition to that, when he was walking back to re-spawn, he still got shot. The moment he got behind safe lines, he cumbled on the ground and was kind of immoblized from all the pain. So I took his gun as mine started to jam up and I was firing empty shots even though there were a few paintballs left. The thing was: his marker was so much heavier than mine so I decided to shoot many paintballs at once instead of focusing so much on accuracy. In other words, my shots were more constant and fast, but with less accuracy. Well, I guess that worked too since I still shot people 🙂 One of my teammates got shot in the crouch area(GWS) because of his blindspot and someone from the opposing team actually got behind enermy lines. While shooting the opponent, I couldn’t help but laugh could I? After round 2 was over, I had no bruises. Instead, I was confessing up to all my shots – basically the one holding the marker pointing through the gap of the base and actually hitting people was me. It was only then I realised that a lot of my shots actually got through – shot people in the inner thigh(tragedy I’m sorry), arms, head(indirectly haha). It was a great game, I need to thank my previous experiences when gaming in Blackshot and Battlefield haha. Thank you to School of Paintball(SOP) Singapore for providing the field and equipment for us to challenge ourselves too. Visit their website for more information!!

After that, we went for lunch together – RAMENNNN!!!!!! (at Westmall, Singapore) And treated ourselves to a movie, followed by the arcarde. Managed to have a race before rushing back for dinner. This is definitely one of the best days of the June holidays. Especially since many of my friends are going overseas for their holiday soon or already had, I’m going to be so lonely.Seriously though, the bruises are no joke. But still, I hope to go again. Its really really really fun  despite the pain, and great company only made paintballing even more exciting 🙂

sorry for the late updates, was busy completing some of my outstanding homework. Hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost 🙂 Feel free to comment!!


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