Is it Sept hols?

yes. so this blogpost will be dediated to the recent 1 week ‘break’ and the events that took place 🙂

BBC @Kai’s


First things first, before I even set my study schedule for the one week break I was preparing my good friend’s birthday present (Ash). Unable to think of a suitable gift for Ash, my other friend Kai and I decided to collaborate on preparing a gift for her. We decided to bake chocolate chip cookies and oreo bars on the night before and present them to her during an already organised barbeque the next day. This granted me a sleepover session at Kai’s place and a visit to her dog (very cute indeed, where’s mine?). It was a very eventful experience indeed, we finally decided on the receipe together after 30mins, went out to buy the ingredients together, ate together and did some night baking together. Although there were some inconsistencies in our baking (a few cookies were too big, suitable for cookie monster I feel hahaha) it was a success and the oreo bars were great as well! Following our night baking, we sort of decided to watch a movie…but as Kai went to find the movie online, I fell asleep(whoops). Then again she was unable to find it so all is well hahaha.

The next day was the BBC and Kai had an incident where she slipped and her toe nail had partially broken off and her knee got scraped. Well, I blame it on her klutz-ness but to be fair the floor was slippery as it had rained earlier in the morning. Anyways, she was bleeding quite a bit and that was an alarming wake-up call for the still-sleepy me. Soon, her friends from her previous school arrived and so did our current batchmates. Her friends were very friendly and cheerful people (VERY), honestly they struck me as bright sunshines. Together with her friends we managed to set up the barbeque fire really fast and started cooking – while waiting for the others to arrive. The birthday girl arrived last (glorious entry?) probably wanting to escape the cooking tsk tsk tsk (haha jk). Some were pushed into the pool and as we ate we played games, most of boys were very awkward I have to admit (social awkwardness with the opposite gender maybe?). Considering it was a pretty big group and that most of us are meeting one another for the first time, I feel very satisfied and happy with the turnout 🙂 I’m glad they have enjoyed themselves and happy that Ash liked our gift(and no one had diarhhea). Really thankful to Kai for hosting the barbeque and having me over too heheh. Not only have I gained a new experience and wonderful memories, but also new friends too! Night baking is really interesting, I probably would want to try it again one of these days.

Well, that sums up the start of my Sept holidays. I was very unproductive in the remaining days of the Sept holidays (I am regretting a bit now) as I did not manage to complete my homework nor assigned revision. Instead, I was watching five korean dramas at the same time and exhausting my lungs from squealing. Well, I have to admit korean dramas are very interesting and in the ones I watched, the romantic scenes were just absolutely adorable. I highly recommend Love in the Moonlight and Cinderella and Four Knights. Although there might be some cliche scenes featured, the actors are really cute and they spice up the humor and romance in the dramas. Warning: please watch during your break, not when you have any important tests/appointments coming up – it can get addctive.

buttermilk cookies.jpg
Buttermilk Cookies

Despite the homework and revision burdening my brain, I dedicated the last day to baking. I literally spent the entire day doing one thing: baking. I had decided to bake macarons and buttermilk cookies. Okay let’s talk about the macarons first. I made two batches, the first was a complete failure and the second was a bit overdone. The first batch was a mistake in general, I made a lot of mistakes and I actually knew them all the moment I placed the macarons into the oven. The second batch was indeed much better as I used the specified  ingredients and correct measurements. However, my macaron was quite chewy (I feel) and the maple frosting is a little too sweet. Well, I guess that I just need to practise more to get it right 🙂 My buttermilk cookies turned out great initially, very fragrant and it had the cookie texture. Unfortunately I was not able to finish everything so i kept them in the freezer and the next day when I heated it up it turned into scones. So technically I baked three things: macarons, buttermilk cookies and scones.

So as you can see(read), my Sept hols were quite unproductive but definitely fun. I enjoyed myself a lot thanks to my friends, family and hobbies. I must be honest though, the unproductivity came back to stab me when school resumed. But it was worth it – I haven’t felt that free doing what I want in a few years. It is important to get a breather before the major examinations so I can clear my mind of such acitivities for a while to study instead. Now that I’ve said that, I guess its time to get down to work and up my productivity in preparation for the end-of-year examinations.

Good luck to you too for your upcoming tests/examinations!!


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