CNY 2017

HI it’s been so long since I’ve been able to blog *crying* but I have so much to talk about 🙂 It’s the middle of test weeks, but I really need a break from my math test so blogging it is!! Hope ya’ll will enjoy it heh

(Recently) Chinese New Year visiting days are over, and my brother came back for visiting 🙂 Really happy to finally have him back home physically (though he still runs around for CrossFit) and throwing me slow kicks out of the blue. He did really well for his one-year foundation programme in 2016, better than he expected even! If I’m not wrong he averaged 97% and is looking forward to studying accountancy in Melb university. We even joked that he could’ve applied to Imperial College and might have gotten accepted HAHA. But too bad, he already settled on a place and is dead set for Melb Uni. Anyways, really proud of him for being so disciplined and doing so well throughout the year.

Year of the rooster!!

Okay so we went visiting together as a complete family for CNY with him as our chauffeur, and chef for the third night. It feels awesome to have someone finally returning back to his empty room after months. On CNY eve, we had a family renuion with a variety of food – Chinese (plus lohei) and loads of Japanese, of course soju, red wine, white wine, all were present! I enjoyed myself thoroughly (gobbling down all that sashimi and sushi) together with everyone. The following days were non-stop house-to-house visiting and seeing my relatives, the temple had really good lion dance though, sadly I couldn’t stay and watch the whole thing 😦 My family hosted dinner on the third night, with my dad making the sausages, brother tending to the fresh meats from Australia, myself dealing with the huge pot of miso soup. IT TURNED OUT GREAT THOUGH relatives asked for seconds and they quite enjoyed the meal 🙂 OH but my entire biology class received a red packet from our biology teacher when school reopened HAHA it was a great surprise we didn’t even expect it.

CNY hasn’t ended, it’s still going on and schoo had already started, and I realised I finished only one-fifth of my homework. So I had to put in that 200% to finish it all up, though I was unable to do much revision for the upcoming tests (that are going on these days). Skipped two weeks of physical education because of the break, and I was so looking forward to the next lesson on touch rugby.

Okay that’s all for this post, my huge tradgedy will be featured on the next post (probably). Thanks for reading 🙂



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