Is it an annual mishap?

HELLO I AM BACK!! So I’m currently in the midst of test weeks and taking a break after my math test (de-stress) and previously something happened like…YESTERDAY.

YESTERDAY, my long-yearned touch rugby finally happened. I was doing quite okay (two touch-downs haha) and BAM! sprained my ankle. I can’t believe it either…

My poor sprained ankle

I heard a pop sound so I was pretty freaked out but then again, it’s Inez’s ankle and they’re quite worn out. Still, it hurt quite a bit and it swelled. Furthermore, that morning I cracked my phone screen protector – bad omen? Was on a roller-chair the whole morning because school didn’t have a wheelchair – ridiculous but true. Luckily it was a minor sprain so today I was able to walk around by the next day, though my heels started hurting and I can’t put too much weight on it.


Thing is: Last year (2016) something similar happened around the same period as now. I twisted my ankle while going down the steps – very careless of me indeed.

So currently, I can’t do extreme sports for the time-being which is really sad I wanted to play more touch rugby zzz. However, that’s not the end of my bad luck streak. In addition to cracking my screen protector and spraining my ankle, I somehow misplaced one of my textbook today (which is really rare I almost NEVER lose my textbook until now). I really hope I can find it tomorrow it has one of my assignments chucked inside together with my notes… THAT’S NOT ALL. On my way home, some leftover sauce from my home-made lunch (I make soba every morning for lunch) spilled into my bag and now its washed and hanged up to dry. So yes, it’s only been two days but it’s been ever-so eventful.

So that’s all for now, I’d really be happy if I could survive this week without any more of these mishaps jumping on me. Hope you guys enjoyed knowing how eventful my week is going hahaha.

Sidenote: BTS’s Jungkook graduated today I’m feeling so happy for him, for his family and friends. It’s really awesome to have hyungs right by his side at almost every event, they’re practically his second parents. He’s a role-model in my eyes, full of passion, determination and dilligence, willing to put in any amount of effort. Congratulations to Jeon Jungkook for graduating with such love from his family and warmth from his hyungs.


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