SSLC 2017

there’s been so much going on, I can’t believe its been two months since my last post. Firstly I am sorry, secondly let’s get started!!

I really really wanted to share about my experience at Singapore Student Leaders’ Conference (SSLC) 2017 which took place in mid-Feb this year, at ACS International. It is an event convened by the Ambassadors of ACS International. (

(left to right) Secretariats, Head of Research, President

SSLC 2017 was a truly eye-opening conference, involving the participation of both international and local schools. This conference explores the problems faced by local and international students in Singapore, and of course coming up with solutions to the potential problems. I was given the opportunity to helm a council session together with my close-friend. It was truly a VERY UNIQUE experience because both of us had absolutely NO experience in guiding a council, and I only participated in HMUN once before. Luckily the ACS International students helping out were super helpful and friendly, occassionally coming to check on us. I genuinely felt bad for worrying them about the progress of our council session but I think our progress was quite alright.

My council focused on the theme of “Integration”, more specifically the integration of international students into Singapore society. Basically, participants all agreed that Singapore was not doing enough to promote the integration of international students into the local Singapore student body. Although my role was to guide the discussion, I too whole-heartedly agreed with them as in my previous 10 years under the wonderous Singaporean education system I do not ever recall participating with or even communicating with students from international schools based in Singapore. No I am not referring to the common China and Malaysian PR scholars that we see in almmost every local Singapore school, I’m talking about the Germans, Koreans, Japanese and students of other nationalities. This does both international and local students a disfavour because we can learn so much more about EVERYTHING from different perspectives of the different nationalities. YES THE POWER OF PERSPECTIVES AND PEOPLE IS AMAZING – sorry.

Anyways, I recognise this as a huge irony because Singapore is globally recognised as a land that embraces different cultures, races, religions and language. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not highlighting the fact that a problem like this exists but rather, this problem that majority recognises STILL EXISTS. Problems are everywhere, but shouldn’t a problem so easily identified and relatable by many have follow-ups (especially given that Singapore specialises in integrating muli-racial communities).

Another observation I made was the comparison between schools. HCIS (where I’m currently enrolling in) and ACS International really has two distinct vibes. Personally, I prefer ACS International’s vibe which is more vibrant and warm than HCIS’s stiffness. I realised that HCIS was more of a national international school. Other than the fact that it follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) system it functions entirely like a normal local school with China and Malalysian-based scholars (no discrimination intended, simply stating facts). On the other hand, you can tell from ACS International’s architecture and colour, the various nationalities and the aura the entire school evokes, it is definitely an international school that’s simply based in Singapore. I will not deny that when I first stepped into ACS International for the SSLC briefing there was an overwhelming feeling of envy. It was unfair that even though I too was enrolling in another school that provides the same IB system, the perks and atmosphere are so different. Ok that’s enough I think you get my point.

Well other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am glad I took the initiative in participating as a Secretariat, allowing me to experience leading a council (even if I did screw up at some point) and broaden my perspectives. Shout-out to everyone involved: Thank you for your efforts and active participation!!!! ❤

Thank YOU too reading till the end, hope you enjoyed my short reflection.


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