This is me

I’m a heavenly twin born on 29th May, never shy to express my views but picky with my friends. If you’re interested in astrology, we’d definitely get along well. I have taken a liking to Japanese anime and manga, due to it’s non-stop thrill and comedy. The illustration deserves more than just praise if you ask me. Speaking of Japanese, I absolutely love Japanese food it’s so addictive!!(and expensive – wallet is crying) Soft toys are totally my thing, it’ll definitely be hard to sleep without them. I like to craft cards and bake desserts, it makes my life feel so fulfilled even if it was only for that moment.

My past

I was formerly a wushu(Chinese martial arts) athlete that took part in national and international competitions. I completed my PSLE and moved on to the Integrated Programme(IP) for two years before switching to the ‘O’ Levels for another two more years.

The present

I am currently taking on the challenge of the International Baccalaureate(IB) at Hwa-Chong International School(HCIS). With my wushu career dissolved, I am looking forward to experiencing a variety of activities in these two years of IB.