SSLC 2017

there’s been so much going on, I can’t believe its been two months since my last post. Firstly I am sorry, secondly let’s get started!! I really really wanted to share about my experience at Singapore Student Leaders’ Conference (SSLC) 2017 which took place in mid-Feb this year, at ACS International. It is an event […]

Is it an annual mishap?

HELLO I AM BACK!! So I’m currently in the midst of test weeks and taking a break after my math test (de-stress) and previously something happened like…YESTERDAY. — YESTERDAY, my long-yearned touch rugby finally happened. I was doing quite okay (two touch-downs haha) and BAM! sprained my ankle. I can’t believe it either… I heard a pop […]

CNY 2017

HI it’s been so long since I’ve been able to blog *crying* but I have so much to talk about 🙂 It’s the middle of test weeks, but I really need a break from my math test so blogging it is!! Hope ya’ll will enjoy it heh — (Recently) Chinese New Year visiting days are over, […]

A part of 2016 comes to an end

As 2017 draws closer, my dearest 2016 school life has officially come to an end. There are many things I want to tell you guys, but some should not be said and some are too longwinded, so for today I’ll focus on my main observation this one year (almost). Stereotyping: General view of IB From […]

Is it Sept hols?

yes. so this blogpost will be dediated to the recent 1 week ‘break’ and the events that took place 🙂   First things first, before I even set my study schedule for the one week break I was preparing my good friend’s birthday present (Ash). Unable to think of a suitable gift for Ash, my other friend […]


June school holidays started two weeks ago and today, finally, I got to experience paintballing!! (yay) I really wanted to go paintballing since the start of 2016, and I was super excited I actually had problems falling asleep the night before. With a great group of friends, I shoot and got shot. Yes, it hurt. A […]